Dls 24 Skills: How To Do All Dribbles Techniques

Unlock your potential on the virtual soccer field with our comprehensive guide on DLS 24 dribble techniques. Elevate your Dream League Soccer gameplay with these pro tips.

Understanding the Basics of Dribbling in DLS 24

Before deep diving into advance dribbling techniques, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of dribbling in Dream League Soccer (DLS) 24. Dribbling is the core skill that allows you to maneuver around opponents, maintain control of the ball, and create scoring opportunities. Let’s cover the essential components to refine your dribbling skills:

Key Dribble Techniques in DLS 24

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore the key dribble techniques that will help you beat defenders and retain possession for your team.

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Technique Description Execution
Simple Dribble The foundation of all dribbling techniques, used to simply move past an opponent. Lightly tap the direction you want to go, don’t overuse the sprint button.
Speed Dribble Utilize to create space quickly, sprint with the ball at your feet. Double tap the sprint button when you have open field in front of you.
Maradona Spin A 360-degree turn to evade defenders. Swipe backward and then in a circular motion.

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide to Dribbling

Let’s break down each dribble technique with a step-by-step guide for better understanding and practice:

  1. The Stop and Go:To execute this technique, sprint towards a defender, then tap the direction away from them to stop quickly. After a brief pause, push the joystick towards the space you want to exploit and accelerate.
  2. The Nutmeg:Approach the defender directly and time a forward swipe right when they attempt a tackle. This will pop the ball between their legs, allowing you to bypass them.
  3. The Rainbow Flick:When facing a defender, perform a quick swipe up to lift the ball over their head and collect it on the other side.
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Dribbling Tips and Tricks

To become a dribbling maestro in DLS 24, keep these tips and tricks in mind:

  • Mix it Up: Vary your dribbling techniques to be unpredictable against defenders.
  • Timing is Key: Perform dribble moves right before you encounter a defender for effective outcomes.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Spend time in the practice area to master each move.
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How To Do All DLS 24 Skills Dribbling

Rainbow Flick Swipe the screen up while running with the ball
Feint Swipe left or right on the screen while running
Roullete Swipe down the screen while running with the ball
Bicycle Kick Double-tap on the screen when the ball is in the air
Scorpion Kick Double-tap on the screen when the ball is in the air
Heading Double-tap on the screen when the ball is in the air
Rabona Kick Swipe up for a rainbow flick then press the B/C button
Back Heel Kick Perform a rainbow flick and when the ball is in the air, press the C button.
Knock Ball When moving or running a direction, tap on the free area of your game screen
Close Control When moving in a direction, hold a free area of your game screen
Secondary Press When your opponent player is in possession, just hold a free space on the screen (Don’t press B)

Frequently Asked Questions On Dls 24 Skills: How To Do All Dribbles Techniques

What Are Dls 24 Dribbling Techniques?

Dream League Soccer 2024 includes a variety of dribbling techniques such as feints, step-overs, and reverse step-overs to outmaneuver defenders.

How To Master Dribbling In Dls 24?

To master dribbling in DLS 24, practice different skill moves, master timing, and use practice mode to improve your reactions against various defenders.

Can You List Advanced Dls 24 Dribbles?

Advanced dribbles in DLS 24 include the rainbow flick, roulette, and the elastico, each requiring specific touch gestures or button combinations.

Which Dls 24 Skill Is Best For Defenders?

The roulette or the quick cut are effective DLS 24 skills for evading defenders, offering a swift change of direction to retain possession.

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