How Get Special Double Touch Skill In efootball For Messi

In eFootball, the “Special Double Touch” skill is a unique dribbling move that enables players to swiftly change directions and deceive defenders. To get this skill for your player or a specific player in the game.

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How Get Special Double Touch Skill In efootball

A few days ago efootball brought a update named skill training and Legacy transfer. You can use these two option to give new skill like special double touch.

By default Some players have the Special double touch skill for instance Neymar Jr., Vinicious Jr. But you can add this skill to any player in efootball 2023.

What is double touch skill ?

The double touch skill is a football (soccer) move used by players to deceive and bypass defenders. It is a popular dribbling technique that involves a quick change of direction and speed to create space and outmaneuver opponents. The double touch skill consists of two main steps:

  1. Initial Touch: The player uses the inside or outside of their foot to gently push the ball slightly forward and to the side, creating a small gap between themselves and the defender. This touch should be gentle enough to keep the ball close but fast enough to draw the defender into making a move.
  2. Second Touch: As the defender reacts to the first touch and attempts to close the gap or tackle the ball, the player quickly uses the other side of their foot to push the ball in the opposite direction, leaving the defender off balance and creating space to continue their attack.

When executed well, the double touch skill can be highly effective in breaking down defenses and creating goal-scoring opportunities. It is a popular skill used by some of the world’s best players, including Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Procedure to get pecial Double Touch Skill In efootball

You can add this skill to any player. To get this skill follow this steps.

The player you want to give the skill, He will need three skill, such as

  • Double Touch
  • Sole control
  • Flip flap

if you have a lot of GP, then buy a player with free of cost. In order to buy the player follow the steps below.

  • Go to contract
  • Filter national team/ south america/ ecuador
  • The scroll down
  • Then buy the player who is free.

Then go to new player’s details and give skill training.

If you are lucky you will get sole control or flip flap or double touch skill.

After getting the desire skill then use legacy transfer of you desired player whom you wanted to give special double touch skill.

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