How to get 4-2-4 formation in eFootball 2023

4-2-4 formation in eFootball 2023 refers to a tactical arrangement that players utilize to build up their virtual football squad on the pitch. Based on the actual 4-2-4 system, which has four defenders, two midfielders, and four strikers, the configuration is used. The distribution of players in each line on the field, starting with the defense and continuing forward, is represented by the numbers in the formation.

Advantages of 4-2-4 formation in efootball 2023

The 4-2-4 set up in eFootball 2023 may provide various advantages to players who utilise it properly. While the game may have changed since my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the following general advantages should still apply:

  • Offensive firepower: With four attackers on the pitch, the 4-2-4 formation allows players to create several goal-scoring opportunities while maintaining continual pressure on the opposing defense. This can lead to additional opportunities and possibly more ambitions.
  • Wide attacking options: The formation uses two wingers, which can assist stretch the opponent’s defense and provide space for teammates. This is especially useful against teams who play a tight formation, since it forces their defenders to cover more territory.
  • Quick transitions: With a focus on offense, the 4-2-4 formation allows for rapid transitions from defense to attack. This can catch the opposing team off-guard and lead to counter-attacking opportunities.
  • Versatile midfield: The two central midfielders in this formation are crucial to its success. These players must be versatile and capable of contributing to both offensive and defensive duties. When used effectively, these midfielders can control the tempo of the game and help create chances for the forwards.

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Disadvantages of 4-2-4 formation in efootball 2023

In eFootball, the 4-2-4 formation has several drawbacks that players should consider when choosing their tactical approach. These disadvantages are as follows:

Counter-attack vulnerability: With only two center midfielders, the 4-2-4 formation leaves the side vulnerable to counter-attacks. Opposing teams might take advantage of the gap in the middle, making it difficult for the two center midfielders to adequately cover and defend.

Lack of midfield control: Due to the minimal number of players in the midfield, maintaining possession and controlling the speed of the game can be difficult. This can result in a lack of balance in the team’s performance and a greater dependence on the offensive players to create opportunities.

The two center midfielders in the 4-2-4 formation must cover a lot of territory and contribute both offensively and defensively. This can cause tiredness, particularly later in the game, thus lowering their efficiency and raising the danger of injury.

Dependence on flexible midfielders: The effectiveness of the 4-2-4 formation is heavily reliant on the ability of the center midfielders to play many roles. The formation may not be as successful if these players are not versatile or lack the requisite talents.

Defensive gaps: The offensive concentration of the formation can lead to defensive gaps, especially when fullbacks rush forward to help the attack. This might expose the squad to rapid breakouts and crosses from wide areas.

How to get Custom 4-2-4 formation in eFootball 2023

Recently, some people wanted to know how to get 4-2-4 formation in eFootball 2023. By using this curious mind, some pro users are  making money to help get the 4-2-4 formation in eFootball 2023. But today i will share the process of how you can get the 4-2-4 formation in eFootball 2023.

You will need 2 things to get it.

  1. PS4
  2. Efootball konami ID.
  • 1st login your konami ID or transfer data in PS4.
  • Then go to squad to make your desired squad.
  • Then save it.

After completing this process log in the konami ID into your mobile device.

Boom you are done.

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